What you need to Know about signs of high blood pressure during pregnancy

High blood pressure or hypertension is one of the serious problems when a mother is pregnant. It is not having high blood pressure during pregnancy, the mother’s condition needs a close monitoring. In most cases, the mother suffers from high blood pressure before 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Sometimes it could be present before pregnancy, but there are some cases that hypertension occurs during pregnancy. It is very important for mothers to know the signs of high blood pressure during their pregnancy. To ensure the safety of the mother and the baby, it is advisable that the mother should take care of herself.

What you need to know about the signs of high blood pressure during pregnancy

High blood pressure is called the silent killer for it do not have any symptoms and signs. It necessary for pregnant women to attend their daily checkup. The mother-to-be must bear in mind that hypertension can attack before, during and after the pregnancy period.

signs of high blood pressure during pregnancy

Types of High Blood Pressure during Pregnancy

1. Preeclampsia

It is a type of high blood pressure that a pregnant mother experience who haven’t had high blood pressure during pregnancy. If not diagnosed earlier, it will take your baby at risk, and worst will lead to death. It is very important to consult a doctor for a regular prenatal checkup. It can cause swelling of legs and hands. Symptoms and signs of preeclampsia last 1 to 6 weeks after the mothers delivery. Sometimes you can have preeclampsia without symptoms, so it is a must to visit your doctor for regular check up.

The signs and symptoms of Preeclampsia are the following:

  • Dizziness
  • Abdominal pain especially in the upper part of the abdomen
  • Vision changes
  • Rapid weight gain
  • Severe headaches
  • Reduced urine or no urine output, additional signs of kidney problems
  • Change in reflexes
  • Excessive vomiting and nausea
  • Blurry vision, light sensitivity, temporary loss of vision,
  • Blood pressure greater than 130/80 or decrees number of platelets in your blood
  • Sudden swelling of eyes, hands, and face
  • Impaired liver function
  • Shortness of breath, caused by the fluids in your lungs


2. Gestational Hypertension

Happens after 20 weeks of pregnancy, there are other signs of organ damage. If the blood pressure of the mother exceeds 140/90mm Hg.

3. Chronic hypertension

This type of hypertension does not have any symptoms nor signs. You will never know that you have chronic hypertension unless it began. Chronic hypertension is a high blood pressure that occurs 20 weeks before pregnancy.

Reasons why High Blood Pressure a Problem During Pregnancy

High blood pressure poses a treat to the mother and the baby’s life. Here are some of the various risk if the mother has high blood pressure during pregnancy.

1. Injury to your other organs

Hypertension, when not controlled earlier, can be life-threatening to both the mother and the baby. It can also damage the brain and injured other organs in the human’s body such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, and other important organs.

2. Placental Abruption

It is caused by Preeclampsia which increases its a risk of the condition. In these cases, the placenta separates in the inner wall of the mother’s uterus before the delivery of the baby. It can cause heavy bleeding when the abruption becomes more severe, which threatens the life of the baby as well as the mother.

3. Future Cardiovascular Disease

More chances of having severe cardiovascular disorder and risk of future heart failure may happen if you have a preeclampsia. Increase the chance of having a future cardiovascular disease because of high blood pressure during pregnancy.

4. Decrease blood flow of the placenta

There is a tendency that the baby will have a low growth because the baby might receive less oxygen and insufficient nutrients. This happens because the placenta doesn’t receive enough blood. The baby can also have low birth weight and a higher possibility of premature birth. Babies who are born with premature birth can have breathing problems. They have a higher possibility of having complications in the part of the baby. Risk in infection is highly possible and can be dangerous for the baby.

5. Intrauterine Growth Restriction

High blood pressure during pregnancy could lead to stunted and slow growth of the baby. It lessens the chance for the baby to have good growth.

6. Premature Delivery

Premature delivery is sometimes a good idea for pregnant women who suffers from high blood pressure or hypertension. It is because it lessens the risk and threat to the life of the baby and the mother as well. It decreases the chance or possibility for the baby to have complications.

Signs if the mother develop Hypertension during Pregnancy

1. Elevated blood pressure

The systolic pressure is ranging from 120 to 129 millimeters of mercury (mm) Hg and a diastolic pressure below 80 mm HG. Sometimes elevated pressure increases or even got worse but can be controlled if immediate action is being taken.

2. Stage 1 hypertension

In this stage of hypertension, the systolic pressure increases by 10 compared to the elevated blood pressure. This time the systolic pressure is ranging from 130 to 139 mm Hg and the diastolic pressure is ranging from 80 to 89 mm HG.

3. Stage 2 hypertension

In this stage hypertension becomes more severe, the systolic pressure increases again by 10 compare in stage 2 hypertension. This time the hypertension increase to 140 mm HG or even higher and the diastolic pressure becomes 90 mm HG or higher than 90.

High blood pressure during pregnancy for women is a life-threatening problem, which needs immediate care and proper monitoring. When not taken action immediately, the life of the baby can be put into risk as well as the life of the mother. High blood pressure should be taken seriously, regular checkup and clinic visitation should be practiced by the mother. It is very dangerous, especially that as mentioned above, sometimes hypertension does not have any symptoms. For all the pregnant mothers out there, always bear in mind this life-threatening condition.

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