The Effect of Alcohol on Blood Pressure

Are you the type of person who is fond of drinking alcohol? How many glass or bottles do you consume in a day or in a week? You may be one of the people who cannot resist the bitter taste that makes you addictive. You are just one of those normal people who believe in the stress relieving power of the alcohol.  You might think that drinking alcohol is the fluid that cleanses out all those stresses or your hopeless thoughts in life. Yes, it might give a temporary relief, but you might also want to know that you are unnoticeably putting your health at risk. Yes, excessive drinking of alcohol is a slow, silent killer.

Alcoholic beverage is all out there.  It is being consumed regularly by most humans. People are fond of consuming such during parties or even in day-to-day meal and snacks. Most of the people consider a drink or two can be a way to celebrate an occasion or a great compliment to a nice meal. It is the most used recreational drugs. It comes in various forms and generally be classified as beers, wines, and spirits.  All were processed through fermentation.  The classifications of the alcohols were dependent on the ingredients added in the process.  The different levels of concentration of these drinks to the body have different effects on a person’s body.    One thing is for sure that this substance has its negative effects on your healthy body.

As you drink, alcohol is rapidly absorbed by the blood. It usually stays in the blood after 30-90 minutes.  Have you ever wondered what happens after you swallowed and it mixes up with your blood? Let us have a quick review. We all know that the blood carries all those essential nutrients such as oxygen, vitamins, and minerals that the body needs. It is the primary carrier. It is being transported through those blood vessels and arteries. As the heart pumps, there is a pressure of the blood that flows within those arteries and vessels.  Curious now what happens when alcohol joins these essential nutrients in the blood?

Alcohol was studied as a substance that could definitely increase the pressure of the blood. The blood is being pushed towards those walls of the arteries.  Let’s go deeper and understand the effects of alcohol on your blood pressure.

Alcohol is high in calories and sugar. It can increase the risk of elevating blood pressure when consumed in the long run. The consumption of such substance increases the amounts of fats that are in the bloodstream. The deposits result in damaged arteries. The damaged arteries cause that particular area to harden. The elasticity of these arteries is essential for the expansion and contraction for a normal permit flow of the blood. In other words, the arteries age prematurely.  Until now the hardening of arterial walls because of the alcohol is being studied.

Each person can experience different effects of alcohol on their blood pressure. Each body has its own alcoholic tolerance. The severity of effects can be generally classified as short term or in long term effects.  It was found the men have greater chances of experiencing these effects. Mostly, men are found to be heavy drinkers than women.

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effect of alcohol on blood pressure

Short Term Effect of Alcohol on Your Blood pressure

Alcohol raises blood pressure.  This is curable. As long as an immediate remedy has been taken into action. If you are a heavy drinker, you must cut your alcoholic addiction.   A heavy drinker might have an increase of 5-10 mmHg in their systolic measure.  This sudden fluctuation may resort to a person suffering acute tachycardia. Acute tachycardia is a rise in blood pressure and vagal withdrawal.

Long Term Effect of Alcohol on Your Blood Pressure

For a long period of drinking alcohol, you might exceed the low-risk level tolerable by your body. The fluctuations of your blood pressure when it gets worse will result in its long term effect. Your acute tachycardia may worsen. If you are a heavy drinker, you might tend to suffer hypertension. Hypertension happens when the pressure force exerted in the arteries is increased, and your heart will pump harder. Hypertensive individuals are high at risk for suffering other health complications. These complications might be heart-related problems and stroke.

Long term suffering from high blood pressure can also damage the kidneys and increase the risk of vascular damage in your brain. The vascular damage of your brain may expose you to the risk of having dementia.  Dementia is a condition that you have a declining mental ability to interfere in your daily life.

effect of alcohol

The above-mentioned short term and long term effect are manageable. You can definitely reduce it by making changes to your lifestyle.

That negative effects were all based on an excessive amount of alcohol present in your body. Will you believe that there are also studies that say that drinking alcohol will also have a positive effect on your blood pressure.

Moderate drinking of alcohol was found to have a subtle drop in their blood pressure. It was found out that it was lowered by 2 to 4 mmHg. It was agreed by most experts, but they do not advice the entire population in drinking such.   Still, there are ongoing studies with regards to the positive effects of alcohol on your blood pressure.

There is a lot of confusion whether drinking alcoholic beverages have detrimental effects or positive one.  People have different physical conditions and blood chemistry. The best way for you, as an alcohol consumer, is to have a daily check or at least check your systolic and diastolic measure. Check if the alcohol has caused trouble with your blood pressure.

Now that you know the effects of alcohol in your blood pressure, will you still drink such beverages?  Excessive drinking alcohol has these detrimental effects on your blood pressure. Everything is well when consumed in moderation.  Live a healthy life. What are you waiting for visit a physician and go check your blood pressure?

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