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If you are driving your CMV or Commercial Motor Vehicle, you need to conduct a DOT physical exam. DOT stands for Department Of Transportation. The Department of Transportation physical exam will assess driver if they are in excellent condition to operate a specific common motor vehicle or CMV. For instance, if you have some health defects such as high blood pressure or hypertension, sleep apnea, poor vision or diabetes, you are highly susceptible on causing some damage on the road if you cannot manage your health condition properly while you are driving.

What are the Requirements for Department Of Transportation Physical Examination?

The DOT requires the Department of Physical Transportation’s assessment to those drivers of common motor vehicle or CMV. The DOT physical examination is being required for all CMV drivers to ensure the safety of the driver and also the public. The department follows the rules and regulations created by the FMCSA or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. It is imperative that a particular truck driver or any person who drives a common motor vehicle to undergo DOT physical examination. The Certified Medical Examiner will be the only one who can give the DOT physical examination to drivers or operators. The veteran drivers will also take their DOT physical examination to the VA hospital or Veteran’s Administration hospital.

DOT blood pressure
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Do You Get Drug Test During DOT Physical Examination?

It does not require a particular common motor vehicle driver or operator to undergo a drug testing while taking the DOT physical examination. But the common motor vehicle driver will need to present urine sample. Your urine sample will be used on screening your kidneys to determine if you have some medical conditions.

Although some companies will require their employees to undergo a drug testing before they get hired, the company’s management will also be able to require you to experience a drug testing while you are taking your DOT physical examination. The drug testing will determine if you are using any drugs such as methamphetamines or amphetamines, phencyclidine, opiates, cocaine or marijuana.

What Happens During the DOT Physical Examination?

General physical examination includes blood pressure measurement, hearing test, vision, and urinalysis are the coverage of the department of physical transportation examination. If you want to undergo a DOT physical examination, it is essential for you to know all the categories of wellness of the DOT physical exam. There are 12 several categories about the driver’s wellness that you should undergo during your DOT physical examination. These 12 categories will range from the vascular to neurological condition of the driver. While taking the DOT physical examination, the examiner will ask the driver or the operator to bring their latest or previous medical records. The examiner will also require the driver to bring hearing aids, contacts, eyeglasses or other types of correctional devices while they are taking the DOT physical examination.

DOT physical requirements blood pressure

How Often Does a Driver Require Undergoing DOT Physical Examination?

Different drivers of common motor vehicles also have different medical certifications. Their medical certifications will always depend upon the state they are living. Their medical certifications will only last for about two months to two years. The work of their medical certifications will always depend upon their health conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes. If the health condition of the common motor vehicle driver is curable or manageable, their medical certification’s status may also change once there are improvements seen on the drivers right after the DOT physical examination follow-up.

Are There Specific Requirements on the DOT Physical for Blood Pressure?

It is crucial to keep your blood pressure on its normal level for you to pass the DOT physical examination. There are also several ranges of the level of your blood pressure that is required for you to get your medical certifications.  Ensure to comply with the DOT physical requirements blood pressure.

You will be unable to get your medical certification from the department of transportation if the level of your blood pressure is higher than 170 over 100. The higher level of blood pressure is considered that your high blood pressure is on stage three. That is the reason why you will not receive any medical certifications from DOT. The operator may also be recommended to undergo some treatment to lower their blood pressure level and can be tested again, for them to be able to get a medical certification good for six months.

Are There Specific Requirements on the DOT Physical for Drug Testing?

There is the latest change in the law that will require all the CDL operators who drive different types of common motor vehicle to undergo a drug testing. This law change will also cover even the employees of local governments, state and federal. Drug screening is usually done in training schools or other trucking company. The employees in these companies will not be required to have the medical certifications from their DOT physical examinations. To gain some information about the requirements you should have to undergo drug testing, look for the regulations of your state. Also look for the information about DOT physical requirements blood pressure.

There are five different classes of drugs- marijuana, phencyclidine, cocaine, methamphetamines and amphetamines and lastly the opiates that every common motor vehicle driver will be tested for. Some private companies will require their drivers to undergo some tests and add some types of drugs such as alcohol. Different drivers in the world should be informed that they have to undergo drug testing at any time – whether before employment, under suspicion, after the accident, or upon returning to work. It is very significant for every truck driver or common motor vehicle driver to talk about all the medicines they are taking with the physician of the Department of Transportation. Urinalysis or analysis ofyour urine is also an essential part of your physical examination.

A DOT Physical is a Regular Part of Being a Truck Driver

Undergoing in a DOT physical examination is an essential part to ensure their safety and their ride. Having enough knowledge about the things they can face during their physical examination and keeping your health in good condition can be very helpful for those truck drivers or common vehicle drivers to seek their medical certifications from the Department of Transportation. Make sure that you always comply the requirements like the DOT physical requirements blood pressure.

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